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Our simple API integrates seamlessly into your workflow. Keep users on your platform with this frictionless option. Our API documentation and API terms of use agreement await your review, click contact us to get started!

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Do you want to try it out before implementing the API or do web-based verifications suit your needs better? Whatever the reason, our web-based verification option is the fastest way to get started verifying education claims. Oh, by the way, your first 5 verifications are free! (This option is coming very soon)

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We only store a record of the transaction.

On the backend, the output is a JSON file.

Enrollment verification confirms that a student is currently attending a school. Degree verification confirms that a graduate has successfully obtained their degree.

Yes. 2.4% of accredited institutions don’t have the backend to support our software.

ZippedScript is most commonly used by:

  • Human Resources Information Systems companies
  • Jobsites
  • Recruiting Agencies
  • Background Check Companies
  • Companies that hire internally

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Reach out via the form to schedule a demo of our API or let us know if you want to be notified when the Web-Based verifications are live.